Toddler Luggage Launch Video // Direction & Editing

What started as a photo request from marketing became much more when the crew decided to take it 700 steps further and created this beloved launch video at the tail end of a photoshoot.

Frame after frame, it was a labor of love for the everyone involved.



Photographer: Dylan Chandler

Art Direction: TJ Zafarana, Chelsea Carter

Music Composition: Bart Warshaw

Editing: TJ Zafarana

Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser Launch Video // Direction & Editing

In just three short days, prior to the launch of this innovative bath accessory, this launch video was sourced, shot, produced, and edited. The results improved consumer awareness and understanding of the product, helping to shape a very successful new product launch.


Producer: TJ Zafarana

Videography: TJ Zafarana, Christopher Talbot

Editing: TJ Zafarana